How to choose heat-resistant steel fiber used in refractory castable

January 11, 2019

The quality and high temp resistant performance of heat-resistant steel fiber used in refractory castable is very important, heat-resistant steel fiber is made of heat–resistant steel or stainless steel containing chromium-nickel or other alloying elements. Its manufacturing methods are: steel wire cutting molding method, steel block cutting method and molten steel pumping method, the first two methods are stable in quality and high strength, but expensive in price, the latter method is widely used because of its simple process and low cost.

The heat-resistant steel fiber has a section of 0.2mm*1.0mm, a length of 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, the international brand are 330, 310, 304, 446, 430.


Domestic and foreign experiment and production practice prove that plus 1%-5% heat-resistant steel fiber to any kind of refractory castable, refractory plastic and ramming mix, can achieve enhanced effect, but it should not be used at too high temperature, generally is 1000-1200℃, high temperature will damage or destroy the organization structure of the castalbe, causing the deterioration of the service life of kiln or thermal equipment. If it used in tundish and ladle, it belongs to consumable material due to short service cycle, the service temperature of steel fiber refractory castable shall be the same as that of the parent material.