The Use of Low Cement Castable (LCC) and Analysis of Construction Water Comsumption

July 09, 2018
There are three common LCC (low cement refers to the content of CaO), LCC cement content is between 3% and 8%, 1% content is called ultra-low cement castable(ULCC), 0% content is called no cement castable(NCC).
★LCC is mainly used in metallurgy, electric power, petro-chemical industry and other industries, such as steel grooves, iron furrows in blast furnaces, various kinds of high-temperature burner lining, etc.
★The clay and high alumina LCC is used for heating furnace, soaking pit and other heat treatment furnaces and rotary kiln lining.
★Corundom LCC is used for the lining of parts of the refining plant outside the steel water furnace.
Construction water consumption:
How much water added to LCC can achieve the best effect? The water volume increases, the fluidity increases, but the indexes are reduced. The lower the filling material, the lower the porosity is, the stronger the erosion resistance, the higher the strength.
On the market a lot of LCC in construction, add a little more water makes the castable sparse, less water makes it sticky which will lead to bad construction due to unreasonable of the production technology and raw materials ratio. 
Jundao New Materials Co.,Ltd  produces LCC with high density, low porosity, high strength, low abrasion, hith thermal shock resistance and erosion resistance properties, and there's strict theoretical requirements for construction water consumption , considering the construction site of air humidity and bibulous rate changes in transit, usually the water consumption is 4-6%, at the same time the stirring sequence and stirring time are strictly limited. The customers who use our products have given a high evaluation.
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