High Alumina Lattice Fire Proof brick, checker refractory brick for Steel industry

June 08, 2018
High Alumina Lattice Fire Proof brick is widely recognized and accepted by the world's steel industry, a heat exchange capacity, heat storage area, smooth ventilation, resistance and many other excellent thermal characteristics of the heat storage body.
High Alumina Lattice fire proof brick is a heat transfer medium, mainly used in the hot stove in the upper part of the regenerater, form the heat storage effect. In the process of exchanging cold air  lattice fire proof brick plays an extremely important role. When the hot air below 900 ℃, the general use of clay brick; when the wind temperature is higher than 900 ℃, the lattice brick is made of high alumina brick, mullite brick , Silicon wire brick and silica brick.
lattice brick
In the prior art, the hgh alumina lattice fire proof bricks used in the hot blast stove are usually seven-hole lattice bricks. Due to the small number of vias of the seven-hole lattice bricks, there is a drawback that the heating area is limited, and because of its large hole, there is a drawback that the filling coefficient is small. So that there are many improvements in the prior art. Such as by designing a transverse channel in the lower part of the seven-hole brick, so that the gas can pass through the transverse passage through the clogging part into the channel of the lower hole to avoid failure of the entire passage, thereby solving the problems encountered in the prior art due to the formation of the dome and the homogenate The uneven distribution of air flow caused by vortices causes the overall efficiency of the hot blast stove to decrease.