4 types high-al refractory castable that widely used in cement kiln

February 20, 2019

In unshaped refractory materials, high alumina refractory castable is the most widely used in cement kiln, 4 types commonly used are: low cement high alumina refractory castable, steel fiber reinforced high alumina refractory castable, self-flow high alumina refractory castable, high alumina refractory spray coating.

1, Low cement high alumina refractory castable

Low cement refrers to the less CaO content, low cement high alumina refractory castable with features of: high density, low porosity, strong thermal shock resistance, erosion resistance and high-temp volume stability etc. its service time is 2 to 3 times than traditional castable, it’s suitable for cement kiln hood, preheater, great cooler, decomposition furnace and tertiary air duct and other parts.


2, Steel fiber reinforced high alumina refractory castable

The product is based on high alumina high strength refractory castable, adding heat resistant stainless steel fiber which enhances the toughness of castable, mechanical impact resistance and wear resistance, improves the service life of castable, it’s mainly used in cement kiln mouth, kiln hood, tertiary air duct, great cooler and other parts.

3, Self-flow high alumina refractory castable

The product doesn’t need to form vibration during construction, it can flow according to its own weight, it can be used in the parts where the crack cann’t be vibrated, which reduces the difficulty of work. It has features of: high strength, good toughness, high refractoriness, good fluidity, spalling resistance and convenient construction etc.

4, High alumina refractory spray coating

The product is made of refractory aggregate, powder, binder and additive. It is constructed by pneumatic spraying with mechanical tools. It has fast construction speed, save time and labor, it can be directly sprayed for continuous construction, which ensures the material has strong organization structural stability and extends the life of the liner.