Unshaped refractories commonly used in heating furnace composite lining

March 20, 2019

The furnace lining adopts a multi-layer light weight high strength composite structure which has various advantages:

a) The lining with strong integrity and stability

b) A large of unshaped refractories are used to reduce the brick making process and the production lead time is greatly shortened.

c) Multi-layer insulating lining which increase insulation performance, improve thermal efficiency and save energy.

d) The lining structure weight is reduced which reducing engineering costs.

e) By using unshaped refractories which is overall pouring or ramming, improve the degree of mechanized construction and reduce labor intensity.

Several unshaped refractories commonly used in heating furnace composite lining:

1, Bauxite cement castable

Usually used in low temp zone, flue part and furnace body temp lower than 1300℃ of heating furnace, it takes aluminate cement as cement agent which with features of fast solidification, high strength, good thermal shock resistance and good slag resistance.

2, Self-flow castable

It’s suitable for complex structure of the furnace and the parts that can’t be settled, with features of: good thermal shock resistance, high refractoriness, convenient construction.

3, Low cement castable

It’s suitable for middle-high temp zone of heating furnace, taking micro-powder as binder, aluminate cement as cement agent, with features of good thermal shock resistance, high refractoriness under load, strong slag performance and high refractoriness.

4, Phosphate castable

It’s suitable for bottom of heating furnace and parts frequently affected by material friction and hot air scouring, taking phosphoric acid or phosphate as binder, with features of high refractoriness, good thermal shock resistance, high cold crushing strength, strong erosion resistance and impact resistance, and with excellent wear resistance.

5, Mullite based castable

Since mullite castable with strong thermal shock resistance, good erosion and corrosion resistance, good volume stability and high working temp, usually it’s used in heating furnace wall, furnace bottom or precast burner brick to be used.

6, Dry slag resistant castable

It’s suitable for heating furnace bottom and iron oxide slag deposition site, with features of high refractoriness, good thermal shock resistance and it is well resistant to the erosion of iron oxide slag in the furnace.

7, Lightweight castable

It’s suitable for furnace wall, roof and other insulation layer, with features of small bulk density, low reheat linear change and low conductivity.

8, Refractory fiber products

Refractory fiber brick, plate, blanket and other fiber products are widely used in industrial kilns, with features of: can make the furnace body temp rise and fall fast, good sealing performance and remarkable energy saving effect. When refractory fiber gunning mix is used as a furnace lining, mechanized construction can be adopt to shorten the construction period.

There are some shaped refractory products suitable for heating furnace lining, such as high-al bricks, fire clay bricks, magnesia bricks etc. Jundao (Henan) New Materials Co.,Ltd supply high quality shaped and unshaped refractory products that used for high temp industrial kilns, we're looking forward to cooperating with you!