The storage of ladle refractory castables

February 25, 2019

The material and binders of refractory castables used for ladle can be choose by the conditions of use. The castable can be directly cast into a liner for use or used as a precast block by casting or tapping. Refractory castables used for ladle commonly uses high-al, silicon, magnesia based refractory material, which with features of high refractoriness, good stability and slag resistance, strong thermal shock resistance and alkali corrosion and excellent resistance to various melt erosions. Ladle refractory castable is suitable for high temperature parts and ladle permanent lining etc. There for, in order to extend the service life of ladle refractory castable, we must pay more attention to the storage of the castable.


1, The ladle refractory castable may be partially hydrated due to the absorption of moisture during storage resulting in insufficient of hydration in construction and a decrease of bonding strength. So the ladle refractory castable should be stored in the dry and ventilated warehouse with rainproof facilities according to the variety and grade so as to prevent dampness and avoid prolonged agglomeration and deterioration of chemical bonding agents, which affects the use effect.

2, Ladle refractory castable shouldn’t be stacked too high in the warehouse, if it is in a lot varieties, the castable must be stacked separatly, and keep about 2 meters distance.

3, Generally speaking under the good storage condition, the shelf life of ladle refractory castale is half a year, after more than half a year, the castable should be test for its physical and chemical performance indexes and can be used after it can satisfy the requirements. If it is found the castable has agglomerated, it should be discarded when it is serious and will not be used normally. If the situation is light, properly modify the ratio to reduce the grade for use of save the aggregate, discard the powder.