The Use and Temperature of Four Commonly Used Refractory Bricks

August 24, 2018

The use and temperature of four commonly used refractory bricks

1, Clay refractory brick is an acid refractory brick. With the increase of SiO2 content, its acidity increases, and it has better resistance to parts with acid slag or gas erosion, but it is more aggressive to alkaline slag. difference. Refractory masonry for general furnaces. The lining material, furnace wall, furnace bottom, flue, etc. are used at temperatures below 1250 °C. The combustion chamber is allowed to use above 1400 °C.

2, High alumina brick is aluminum silicate type refractory brick with high refractory temperature and wear resistance, used in general furnace kiln high temperature, wear resistant area or large load masonry, burner brick and special Required masonry. The vault of the high temperature zone of the combustion chamber is allowed to use a temperature of 1300 to 1650 °C. The high-quality high-alumina refractory bricks produced by our company are neutral refractories with an alumina content of not less than 75%. The high-grade high-alumina refractory brick is characterized by good thermal stability and good slag resistance, and is mainly used for laying blast furnace, hot blast stove, blast furnace, reverberatory furnace and rotary kiln lining.

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3, Lightweight clay brick, also known as thermal insulation clay brick, is a kind of thermal insulation material, as a kiln lining that is not affected by high temperature slag and aggressive gas, according to different capacity, the use temperature is 1150 ~ 1400 °C between.

4, Lightweight high alumina bricks are also called high alumina poly light insulation bricks or high aluminum heat insulation bricks. They are used for heat resistant linings with working temperature below 1350 °C. Body, can be in direct contact with the flame. Our high-alumina poly-light insulation bricks have high temperature strength, good chemical resistance, excellent thermal shock stability, good insulation properties and many other properties. We have been specializing in this line for more than 20 years.