Advantages and Applications of Steel Fiber Reinforced Wear-resistant High Alumina Bricks

June 29, 2018
Steel fiber strengthened and wear-resisting high-al brick is a neutral refractory material with corundum and premium alumina as the main raw material and alumina content of not less than 75%. It is made by adding appropriate amount of heat-resistant stainless steel fiber, which is formed by high pressure molding and medium temperature heat treatment. The addition of stainless steel fiber improves the wear resistance and load softening temperature, and its high temperature performance and thermal shock resistance are also superior to phosphating high alumina bricks.
high alumina brick
The high-aluminum brick produced by our factory has high thermal stability and the refractoriness is above 1770 °C. Steel fiber strengthened and wear-resisting high-al brick has good toughness and heat resistance and mechanical properties, low porosity, high load softening temperature and high temperature. The lower volume stability, good anti-flaking and thermal shock stability, and significantly enhanced durability.
The high slag resistance of high alumina bricks is mainly used for masonry blast furnaces, hot blast stoves, electric furnace tops, blast furnaces, reverberatory furnaces, rotary kiln linings and other parts. Steel fiber reinforced high-aluminum wear-resistant bricks are widely used in cement rotary kiln, and their effect is better than phosphating high-aluminum brick and steel fiber castable.