Features of Special shaped Fireclay kiln lining bricks

August 27, 2018

Speccial Shaped Fireclay kiln lining bricks are one of the main varieties of aluminum silicate products. They are refractory products with 30% to 48% AL2O3 content that made of clay clinker as aggregate and refractory soft clay as binding agent.

The properties of fireclay kiln lining bricks fluctuate within a wide range. This is due to the fact that the chemical composition of the products fluctuates in a very wide range (fluctuations in the AL2O3 content range from 30% to 48%) and the differences in production processes. The refractoriness fluctuates from 1580°C to 1700°C; 

Fireclay lining brick


Fireclay kiln lining bricks features:

1, Have good thermal shock resistance,

2, Large fluctuation range, generally more than 10 times (water cooling at 1100°C);

3, Coefficient of linear expansion of clay products; average line expansion between 20°C ~1300°C. The coefficient is (4.5-5.8)×10-6°C-1.
4, The fireclay fireproof material is a weakly acidic refractory product and its acidity increases as the SiO2 content increases.

5, It has a certain erosion resistance to the acid slag, and poor resistance to alkaline slag erosion. Therefore, fireclay fireproof products should be used as lining for acid slag furnaces.