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Special Roasting Furnace Clay Brick

August 13, 2018
Special roasting furnace clay brick
(1) Brick design and material characteristics of the new energy-saving combined fire tunnel cross wall:
1. A concave inserting groove is added in the fire passage to make the inserting plate easy to operate and control.
2. Replace the traditional clay brick cross wall and cast iron material cover hole with multi-functional and high-performance temperature-resistant structural parts, which enhances the sealing of the cross-wall and the heat preservation effect of the roaster, effectively reducing the heat loss of the roaster. And burns and hidden dangers, reducing fuel consumption.
3. The design of the horizontal wall brick adopts a large brick-shaped combination type: the upper and lower four layers of the concave and convex buckles are sealed and combined, the height is 1500-1600mm, and the four layers below the traditional clay bricks are unchanged. Successfully realized mechanization of construction and installation, effectively reducing labor intensity.
4. Combined control of the cross wall in the material selection, using special refractory castable structural parts to form a combined structural wall, the wall is stable.
(2) Advantages of clay bricks:
1. Economical: It can reduce the cost and reduce the frame. Saving reinforced concrete can significantly save the overall cost of the building. The design uses light bricks compared to solid clay bricks, and the overall cost can be reduced by more than 5%.
2. practicality: the use of low porosity clay bricks can increase the use of area, and because of the aerated concrete insulation, insulation effect is good, in the hot summer, the indoor temperature is lower than the use of solid clay brick 2 -3 degrees, air conditioning, lower Power consumption.
3. Construction: Clay bricks have good processability, convenient construction and simple construction. Due to the large size and light weight, the labor intensity can be reduced, the construction efficiency can be improved, and the construction period can be shortened.