Acceptance of refractory spray coating construction quality

January 16, 2019

Refractory spray coating is one unshaped refractory material that constructed by pneumatic tools in mechanical injection method. According to the material it can be divided into fireclay, corundum, magnesia, mullite based spray coating etc. Refractory spray coating construction is convenient that don’t need to set up template, it’s more and more popular in the new and maintenance kilns, especially in the application of hot repair kiln lining, refractory spray coating construction has obvious advantages.

Refractory spray coating construction methods are: dry, semi-dry, wet three methods, the project quality acceptance has clear specifications:

1, Varieties and brands shall meet the design requirements

Inspection method: production operation manual, life time, inspection report etc.

2, The dosing, mixing, curing and construction joint treatment of refractory spray coating shall conform to the product operation instructions.

Inspection method: observe and check the construction record

3, The metal supports shall be securely welded

Inspection method: observation and hammering inspection

4, refractory spray coating lining surface should be smooth, dense, no sandwich hole

Inspection method: observation and hammering inspection, check the construction record

Refractory spray coating construction is very professional, which need skilled workers to operate, therefore, the acceptance process shall be carried out in strict accordance with the specifications to ensure the normal operation of the kiln.