Refractories commonly used in tertiary air duct of cement rotary kiln

March 11, 2019

Tertiary air duct is one important part of cement rotary kiln, its function is to link cooler and hot air duct of rotary kiln system, the working environment is very harsh and the conditions of use are the most demanding. The main reason for the damage of the refractory materials is the abrasion and erosion caused by carrying a large amount of dust and high temp gas containing alkali sulfur, which causes the refractory to wear, loose and spall off. Therefor the refractories used for tertiary air duct shall with features of strong wear resistance and good erosion resistance.

Refractories commonly used in tertiary air duct have: high strength alkali resistant brick, high strength alkali resistant castable, wear resistant castable and precast block, silicon mullite brick, lightweight castable and calcium silicate board.


1, High strength alkali resistant brick

Feature: with strong resistance to alkali erosion and long service time

2, High strength alkali resistant castable

It’s unshaped refractory that made of alkali resistant aggregate and powder, binder, additive and others which with super alkali erosion resistance, can resist medium and high temp alkali metal oxide attack.

3, Wear resistant castable and precast block

Wear resistant castable adopts refractory raw materials such as fused corundum, sintered corundum, fused zirconium corundum and silicon carbide which has high strength wear resistance. In order to improve the wear resistance of the castable, fire resistant steel fiber can be added.

The performance of precast block is equivalent to that of the castable, even higher than castble, the biggest advantages are: convenient construction, short construction period and save cost.

4, Silicon mullite brick

The brick takes superior bauxite and silicon carbide as the main raw materials, with high strength, good thermal shock resistance, strong wear resistance and good spalling resistance performance.

In addition to the above refactory materials, there are other suitable refractories in the actual masonry construction requirements.

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