Measures to Improve The High Temperature Properties of Clay Products

September 28, 2018

Measures to improve the high temperature properties of clay products:

The resistance of the refractory material to the simultaneous action of high temperature and load also indicates that the refractory material exhibits a softening range of significant plastic deformation. To some extent, the structural strength of the article under conditions similar to its use is indicated.

The physicochemical properties and high temperature properties of clay products mainly depend on the chemical composition of the products, which increases with the increase of the A12O3/SiO2 ratio. In order to improve the high temperature properties of clay products, the following measures are often taken:

1. The mineral raw material is subjected to beneficiation purification treatment to reduce the impurity content;

2. Appropriately increase the firing temperature to make the product have a dense structure;

3. An ingredient comprising a high matrix (the A12O3 content of the matrix is ​​close to that of mullite) to form structural features;

4. Use multi-clinker ingredients and mixing fine grinding measures.