Process for Extruding Magnesium Product

December 12, 2018

Process for extruding magnesium products

Round bar-shaped, tubular magnesia products can be processed by extrusion molding.

(1) Magnesium product raw materials: fused powder of high-purity magnesium oxide, fine powder with particle size less than (200mm) as raw material, and methyl vegan as binder, fully mixed to make mud cake.

(2) Mixing of magnesia products: mixing on a small vacuum clay machine

(3) Molding of magnesia products: extrusion into a round bar or tubular product on a vacuum extruder. The extruded product should be placed on a flat that can be straightened.

(4) Drying: The product is naturally dried and then dried by heating. The residual moisture after drying is less than that in order to prevent the product from being deformed during the drying process. It should be rotated in the drying process and rotated on the body. Reset accordingly.

(5) Grinding after grinding and drying

(6) The kiln and firing of the product. Longer (>200mm) tubular and round bar products are to be fired by hanging. The firing method is the same as the casting method.