The application & construction of Mg-Al Spinel castable for ladle

January 07, 2019

The ladle is an important equipment for pouring molten steel in iron & steel smelting, refractory bricks and castables are used as lining for the ladle shell, because the corrosion is different of the ladle wall, bottom and other parts, so is the castables, but the main refractory castable used in ladle is magnesium aluminum spinel castable.

The molten steel temperature is nearly 1500℃, after the molten steel poured out, the ladle temperature drops rapidly, there for, ladle refractory materials should be with high refractoriness and excellent thermal shock resistance, the other hand, because the molten steel will permeate into the lining of the furnace, the refractory materials should be also with strong anti-permeability.

Magnesium aluminum spinel refractory castable with high-temp performance, excellent thermal shock resistance, erosion resistance, good construction performance and long service time, which is an ideal ladle lining material, it can be directly poured into the lining body for use, but also can be made into precast block for use.



Precautions for construction of magnesium aluminum spinel refractory castable:

A, The product performance must be tested before construction to ensure the product can meet the design requirements.

B, Impurities should not be mixed into the product in the mixing process to affect the compactness of the product, the amount of add water and mixing time should be strictly controlled to prevent the flow of hardening and pouring and must not stop in the middle of mixing.

C, Sufficient materials shall be added during pouring to ensure the thickness of construction layer and the vibrator shall not be inserted too deep during vibration.

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