Main Types and Uses of Magnesia Refractory Brick

October 12, 2018

Main types and uses of magnesia refractory brick

1, Magnesia chrome brick: mainly used in alkaline steelmaking furnace (top, front and rear wall, ascending channel, slag chamber, furnace bottom, etc.), cement rotary kiln heat accumulation point, soaking furnace lower part, heating furnace high temperature part and Furnace, aluminum steel and other non-ferrous metal refining furnaces and melting furnaces, alkali recovery furnace combustion chambers.

2, Magnesia brick: alkaline open hearth (hearth, bottom), mixed iron furnace (lower), alkaline electric furnace (hearth, furnace wall), copper, nickel and other non-ferrous metal smelting furnace.

3, Magnesium-aluminum brick: It is mainly used in the top of steel-making flat furnace and electric furnace, high-temperature tunnel kiln, large-scale cement rotary kiln and non-ferrous metal smelting furnace.

4, Magnesia calcium brick: steelmaking electric furnace and ladle working layer, side blowing converter wind eye, open furnace top and oxygen converter, etc., as the steelmaking industry AOD furnace, VOD furnace and LF furnace and other refining equipment Lining material

5, Magnesia carbon brick: commonly used in converters, ladle slag line and other parts as well as AC arc furnace, DC arc furnace lining.

6, Aluminum-magnesium carbon brick: It is mainly used for lining of steel drum, large-scale tundish and furnace bottom refining package, molten pool part and bottom part, large-scale converter and ultra-high-power electric furnace steel bag wall and bottom.

7, Forsterite brick: high temperature part of lime kiln and various non-ferrous metal smelting furnaces (top position of furnace).