The High Strength Magnesia Ramming Mix

October 31, 2018

The high strength magnesia ramming mix

The high strength magnesia ramming mix is a granulated material made of fused magnesia as a raw material, mixed with various ultrafine powder additives and a binder. It has good high temperature strength, good chemical stability, erosion resistance, anti-wear, anti-flaking, and heat shock resistance. It is mainly used for flat furnace bottom feeding, converter lining repair, and can be used as a filler around the tap.

The high strength magnesia ramming mix is a magnesium ramming material with a medium-temperature (1000 ° C, 3 h) compressive strength of 50 MPa or more by the selection of the particle ratio, the binder and the additive. And using polyphosphate as a binder, adding an appropriate amount of composite metal powder can effectively improve the medium temperature strength.

The high strength magnesia ramming mix is firstly calcined three times with high-purity electrolytic magnesia and magnesium powder. The purpose is to allow the electrolytic magnesia and magnesium powder to fully expand and contract, re-expand and re-shrink, and the expansion and contraction rate is almost zero. Then, the ratio is adjusted according to the particle size ratio, and a binder, a crack inhibitor, a stabilizer, and other materials are added, and the mixture is stirred into a dry mixture.










Bulk density/ g/cm3



Strength of dry off/MPa



Strength after burned/MPa



Strength after burned/MPa




Bottom of steelmaking open hearth furnace, converter furnace lining, and tap hole filling material