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Magnesia Carbon Brick Performance  

November 14, 2018

Magnesia carbon brick performance  

Magnesia carbon bricks mainly use fused magnesia, high carbon graphite as the main raw material, adding appropriate amount of antioxidants, and thermosetting phenolic resin as a binder to be formed by high pressure molding.

Magnesia carbon brick is a kind of carbon refractory brick. The magnesia carbon brick is dark gray, shiny, high in refractoriness and load softening temperature, good in thermal shock resistance, and not wetted by slag, molten iron, etc. Corroded by all acid and alkali salts and organic drugs, magnesia carbon bricks have good slag resistance, high temperature and volume stability, high mechanical strength, good wear resistance, and good electrical and thermal conductivity. In addition, the carbon in the magnesia carbon brick is easily oxidized, and the calcination of the raw material or the roasting of the product and the use of the product are carried out in a reducing atmosphere.

The use of magnesia carbon bricks in the steel industry is expanding, and it is widely used in electric furnaces, converters and refining furnaces, and the service life is greatly improved. Magnesia carbon bricks do not need high temperature firing, save energy, simple production process, excellent physical and chemical properties, and no pollution to the environment, so many countries quickly promote the application.