Points for Attention of Magnesia Brick in the Converter

December 05, 2018

Points for attention of magnesia bricks in the converter:

Magnesia bricks are mainly used for the permanent layer of the bottom of the converter. The main points of the masonry method are as follows:

1. When the magnesia bricks are built, check the exhaust holes on the steel structure to ensure that all the exhaust holes are unblocked.

2. Check the air supply casing to ensure that there is no breakage, deformation and desoldering to ensure the smooth flow of the pipe.

3. The permanent layer of the furnace bottom is flattened with magnesia bricks. When the curved steel plate is built to the furnace shell, the semi-dry magnesia castable is used for beating, and the ramming material is required to be level with the magnesia brick.

4, the magnesia brick layer is built by the cross-shaped method, and matched with the corresponding ramming material, the ramming material requirements are level with the brick layer, can’t be higher or lower than the same layer of brick surface, requiring severe beating.

5. When building the magnesia brick, pay attention to the hole of the bottom steel plate as the center, and reserve a square hole of 300mm×300mm to install the gas supply brick.

6. After the permanent layer is finished with magnesia bricks, place the magnesium ash and scrape it back and forth with a flat shovel to fill the magnesia bricks.

7. Support the curved model and check whether the arc is consistent with the outer radius of the working layer of the furnace bottom. It is required to be accurate and the support should be firm.