New Process of Magnesium Aluminum Spinel Brick

December 10, 2018

New process of magnesium aluminum spinel brick

Magnesium aluminum spinel bricks are used more and more widely, mainly used in furnace roofs of steelmaking and electric furnaces, high-temperature tunnel kiln, large-scale cement rotary kiln and non-ferrous metal smelting furnace.

The rapid development of magnesium aluminum spinel bricks and the increasing market demand, magnesium aluminum spinel bricks need to continue to study new technologies, and strive to meet the requirements of different industries, in order to be better applied, need to be in the above several new processes Explore the aspect.

1. Direct combination:

Directly combined with magnesium-aluminum spinel brick, made of magnesium aluminum concentrate with low impurity content and relatively pure magnesia. The firing temperature is above 1700 °C. There is much direct contact between the refractory grains.

2. Semi-recombination:

It only needs to be made of artificial synthetic raw materials, and is fired at a high temperature above 1700 °C. The refractory grains in the bricks are also directly combined. The utility model has the advantages of good thermal shock resistance, good corrosion resistance and erosion resistance.

3. Re-combination:

Combined with magnesium aluminum spinel bricks need to be fired at 1750 ° C above the high temperature or ultra-high temperature. It has the characteristics of good high temperature performance, high thermal shock stability, strong resistance to corrosion by alkaline substances, good wear resistance and good flexibility against high temperature heat load.