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Magnesia Carbon Brick for Converter

November 12, 2018
Magnesia carbon brick for converter
Application of magnesia carbon bricks on converter lining:
Magnesia carbon brick has the advantages of high refractoriness, good slag resistance, strong heat shock resistance and low temperature creep, but the use environment still has a great influence on its use effect. Specifically, there are the following aspects:
(1) Loading of magnesia-carbon brick converter: It is to determine the reasonable loading amount of the converter, and the suitable ratio of molten iron to scrap. Determine the amount of converter charge, in addition to considering a suitable furnace ratio, you should maintain a proper bath depth. In order to ensure that the bottom of the furnace is not affected by the oxygen jet, the depth of the molten pool must exceed the maximum penetration depth of the oxygen flow to the molten pool.
(2) Ratio of furnace capacity: The proper furnace capacity has a certain influence on the converter steelmaking operation. If the furnace capacity ratio is too large, the steelmaking cost will be increased; if the furnace capacity ratio is too small, the splashing will easily occur, and the service life of the lining will be reduced, which is not conducive to improving the productivity of the converter. Therefore, the furnace capacity ratio determined at the time of design should be maintained during the converter production process.
(3) Oxygen supply: Determine the scientific and reasonable oxygen supply system, ensure the removal rate of impurities, the heating rate of the molten pool, the slagging speed, control the splashing and removal of gases and inclusions in the steel, and properly control the carbon and temperature at the end point.
(4) slagging: The condition of the converter slag has a great influence on the degree of erosion of the lining. Formulating a reasonable slagging system can not only ensure that the converter smelting goes smoothly, reduces the consumption of raw materials, but also can reduce the erosion of the converter slag on the lining and improve the service life of the lining.
(5) Quality of raw materials of magnesia carbon brick: the quality of raw materials for converter steelmaking has a certain influence on the life of lining
(6) The use temperature of magnesia carbon brick: The temperature control of the steelmaking process and the end temperature control have a greater influence on the erosion speed of the converter lining. Therefore, under the premise of satisfying the casting of molten steel, the lower the temperature control and the end point temperature of the steel making process, the more favorable it is to improve the life of the lining.