Key Points in The Production Process of Clay Products

September 26, 2018

Key points in the production process of clay products

Clay products mainly include: clay insulation bricks, clay refractory bricks, clay high alumina bricks and other products.

1. According to the characteristics of China's raw materials: combined with clay is semi-soft clay, suitable for semi-dry press molding production process. At present, two common production processes are common clinker products and multi-clinker products.

2. Selection principle of production process of clay products: The production process of clay products mainly depends on the nature of raw materials, the quality requirements of products, and the scale of production.

3. Selection of combined clay: The basic requirements for bonding clay are high plasticity, easy sinterability and high fire resistance.

4. Particle composition of the blank: It adopts the principle of close cooperation of “two big heads and small middle ones”.

5. Drying and firing: Since the moisture content of the brick after molding is low, there is almost no shrinkage in the drying stage, so a rapid drying system can be adopted.

    The firing temperature of the product is generally 1250 ~ 1350 ° C; the high alumina content can be increased to 1350 ~ 1380 ° C; oxidation firing.