High Performance Magnesia Calcium Brick for LF

November 23, 2018

High performance magnesia calcium brick for LF

Magnesium-calcium refractories are constantly evolving with the development of converter steelmaking and LF. The development of refined steel in China has greatly promoted the development and technological progress of magnesium-calcium refractories. Therefore, magnesia-calcium bricks become indispensable and difficult to replace refractory materials for special steel smelting equipment such as stainless steel.

Magnesia-calcium brick is prepared by mixing dolomite sand, magnesia-calcium sand and magnesia sand with raw materials, high-pressure molding and high-temperature sintering. In order to meet the different requirements of different parts of refining outside the furnace, magnesia-calcium bricks have gradually developed into series products, and have good slag resistance, peeling resistance, thermal shock resistance, stability under high temperature vacuum and purification of molten steel.

According to the use conditions of different parts of the LF reasonable magnesium-calcium sand should be selected as the raw material, and the reasonable MgO, CaO and carbon content should be determined, so that the use effect can be achieved in the refining furnace outside the furnace.

High-performance magnesia-calcium bricks need to be reinforced with matrix and additives so that the magnesia-calcium bricks are more resistant to slag attack. Therefore, according to different conditions of use, appropriate raw materials should be selected, MgO and CaO content should be adjusted, and process equipment and quality management should be strengthened to produce high-performance magnesia-calcium bricks.