High Alumina Checker Brick for Hot Blast Stove

July 04, 2018
High alumina checker brick, with its Al2O3 content more than 48%, is made of bauxite and other raw materials. As a heat storage carrier, high alumina checker brick are subjected to high temperature and high loads for a long time, and they are corroded by high-temperature smoke and smoke particles. They are prone to chalking, deformation, and sinking, and Molding of high alumina checker brick is more difficult. The low bulk density may affect the air temperature and air supply time. The inaccurate classification of the thickness of the checkerboard will cause difficulty in masonry. Thus problems may occur. Given that, here we propose some tips for our customers.
The classification on thickness of high alumina checker brick is of great importance. Thickness classification should be strictly performed according to color scale and tolerance, and pre-swath of checker bricks should be strictly avoided to avoid masonry quality problems and detection of through porosity rate.
checker brick
The fall of the high alumina checker brick is caused by the fact that the material is subjected to deformation under high temperature and high pressure for a long time. The size of the deformation depends on the amount of impurities in the fire-resistant material. Therefore, whether it is siliceous, low-creep high-aluminum, andalusite or clay, it is decreased. Raw material impurities are the key factors. Other materials are well selected. The best function of each material is exerted. The harmful impurities reduced. The creep resistance of the forward material is processed through two techniques to deal with the under the high alumina checker bricks.