High Alumina Brick for Hot Blast Furnace

June 22, 2018

The main material of high alumina brick for blast furnace is high bauxite clinker, and the content of Al2O3 is more than 48%. The high alumina brick is the refractory product for casting the blast furnace which is the main equipment of smelting steel, and clay brick is the earliest lining material for blast furnace. In the 80’s, it began to use fused corundum recombined refractory brick which Al2O3content is more than 95%, and the refractoriness under load can reach 1740℃~1770℃, the reheat linear change at 1600℃ for 3 hours is zero. In the year 1984, series of SiC refractory brick developed successfully, and has gradually formed a production capacity, high alumina bricks have been used in the lower part of the blast furnace.


high alumina brick