Why Foreign Customers Preferred Chinese Refractory Brick Manufacturers?

July 25, 2018
In recent years, the sharp increase in domestic exports, the more prominent performance is the traditional industries, as many traditional industries have become saturated, such as refractory industry, in this state the refractory brick manufacturers who want to survive and develop long-term development, need to open up foreign markets. China's neighboring countries and the Middle East, Africa and other countries' traditional industries are very prosperous, but because of technical requirements are not met, so they need to rely on imports to maintain production, such as Chinese refractory bricks, industrial machinery, etc. The "One Belt, One Road" proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping further promoted the cooperation and economic development in domestic and overseas markets.
In recent years, the domestic market supervision of environmental protection is more stringent, the shortage of raw materials and soaring prices are greatly affect the refractory industry,many manufacturers have to face the shutdown, JunDao (Henan) New Materials Co., Ltd has focused on refractory for more than 20 years, from raw materials To produce to the finished product, strictly control, by its virtue of high quality, low prices, favored by the market, and the high degree of credibility win customers good evaluation. At present Jundao has developed long-term cooperation with hundreds of domestic and foreign enterprises, such as China NFC, Chalieco, Sinosteel, India Bharat Alumina Co., Ltd, Iran Alak aluminum company, etc.,
Jundao refractory company sincerely welcome friends all over the world come for business cooperation!