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Alumina Magnesia Carbon Brick

October 29, 2018

Alumina magnesia carbon brick

The alumina magnesia carbon brick is a refractory product which is made of super high alumina bauxite or corundum sand, magnesia sand and flaky graphite. It is characterized in that it has the advantages of high corrosion resistance and low peeling property due to carbon content at high temperature, and also has the advantage of exhibiting a high residual linear expansion ratio due to heat generation of spinel during use, and thus becomes a new development. High quality lining brick. Containing Al2O360%~69%, MgO7%~14%, C5%~12%. It has good resistance to slag erosion and thermal shock resistance, and has a slight amount of reburning expansion.

The alumina magnesia carbon brick has the advantages of anti-erosion, anti-flaking, balanced erosion, safe use, less slag dipped in steel, and easy unpacking. It is mainly used for the inner lining of Shengsteel, and the lining of the molten pool and the bottom of the package in the large-scale tundish and the refining package of the continuous casting are increasing with the alumina magnesia carbon brick

In order to improve the oxidation resistance of the alumina magnesia carbon brick, an additive such as Si powder, Al powder, SiC powder or ferrosilicon powder may be appropriately added in the compound, and the resin is used as a binder, and is formed by high pressure molding, and after being treated at 200 to 300 ° C, Use without calcination. Mainly used for large converters and ultra-high power electric furnace ladle lining and furnace refining furnace lining.