Delivery Insulating Brick to Our Indian Customer

September 17, 2018

On April 30, it was an exciting day. After one day's loading, five containers insulating brick and castable were ready to be sent to our Indian customer.  It rained these days, so we put rain shade on the truck for rain-proof and the goods were double packed in order to reduce the loss of transporation. The goods were also double check in production process and before delivery. 


It's our honor to be the supplier of this company who is one of the biggest aluminium plant in Indian. We are very happy that they can choose us. Their aluminium cell project started at the end of May,now they are using our goods and very satisfied. Another ten containers lightweight insulating brick and castable refractory will be send to this customer this month. We cooperated many times and thanks to this customer, trust and give a lot of suppport to us.


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Delivery Insulating Brick